1. By signing a sales order, the buyer undertakes to accept the goods ordered.

a) The quantities to be supplied can only be given as an approximation, as deviations are unavoidable for technical reasons. These can be up to 20% of the quantities ordered.

b) With regard to the dimensions and thickness of the delivered goods, the usual tolerance of +/- 10% is considered to conform to the order.

2. For the execution of an order only the data stated in our sales orders apply. Changes or cancellations can only be accepted if no costs have yet arisen. In the other case, these costs are charged to the buyer.

3. Cost cliché: flexo: multiply the total printed area by the cost price per cm2 and the number of colors – offset: fixed cost price – cylinders: multiply the number of colors by the cost price per cylinder (white background counts as extra color with synthetic materials) – recto = verso the cost price doubles.

4. A meticulous representation of the desired printing colors and colorings is not always technically possible, so that no guarantee can be provided for this. Only major deviations can give rise to a dispute.

5. We cannot be held responsible for printing texts incorrectly stated by the buyer, or for errors that were overlooked by the buyer when submitting the “good for printing”.

6. Our prices are net and without VAT. We expressly reserve the right to adjust our prices if, after the conclusion of the agreement, changes occur in the price of energy, raw materials, wages or in one of the components of the cost price.

7. The transport costs are borne by the customer, unless explicitly agreed otherwise. The goods travel at the risk of the customer.

8. Stating the delivery period does not constitute any guarantee. A delay in delivery can in no case give rise to payment of compensation or to the dissolution of the agreement.

9. Goods that are delivered later at the request of the customer are invoiced and payable at the time of arrival at our warehouse.

10. a) Our invoices are payable as stated in the payment conditions. All costs caused by the payment itself are at the expense of the customer.

b) If we allow payments in installments to the client, and the client does not respect these due dates, the client loses the benefit of these installments and the total price becomes immediately and legally claimable.

c) In the event of non-compliance with the due date, the amounts owed by the customer will, by operation of law and without notice of default, yield an interest of 12% per year. Moreover, the unpaid amounts are automatically increased by 10% with a minimum of 75 euros, if these amounts still remain due after 8 days after sending a notice of default.

d) In the event of non-payment by the customer, we can proceed to the immediate dissolution of the agreement by simple written notice 8 days after a notice of default has remained without consequence. The dissolution entails an obligation for the customer to return all goods that were delivered before the dissolution, subject to any compensation to which we are entitled.

e) We retain ownership of the goods sold until the customer has fulfilled his obligations.

11. To be valid, every complaint must reach us by registered letter.

a) A complaint for non-conformity eight days after the delivery of the goods.

b) A complaint about a hidden break eight days after discovery of the defect and at the latest six months after delivery.

12. Orders by mail & telephone or orders noted by the representatives only commit us after written confirmation.

13. All our terms and conditions apply to every agreement with the customer and always take precedence over any terms and conditions of the customer. Unless we accept, in writing and expressly, the applicability of the customer’s terms and conditions in whole or in part upon acceptance of the order.

14. Any dispute regarding the validity, interpretation and execution of the agreement concluded with the customer is governed by Belgian law and will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the registered office of Incluyo NV.